Coaching U13+ Players

From U13 forward players have 3 clear avenues available to them depending on their motivation, aspirations and potential.

Soccer for Life U13+ (Recreation)

Is for the player who enjoys the game, wants to stay fit and play soccer with their friends but not commit to increased training or travel. Players in this pathway are likely to train once per week and play once per week or only play matches. Soccer in this pathway will most likely occur within a club, at a local level between neighbouring clubs or communities, or in a District League at a Recreational Level.

Soccer for Life U13+ (Competitive)

Is for the player who is more driven and motivated to progress in soccer that is prepared to dedicate more time to soccer through training to compete at a higher level. That competition will be at a district or regional level. However the level of commitment and ability of the player increases the further the player progresses within the competitive structure. For example a regional league will be a very high standard of soccer where players will be training 2 – 3 times per week and playing once per week whereas in a district league players would be training 1-2 times per week and playing once per week. Players can move between the competitive and talented pathway depending on their development and progression in the game.

U13+ Talented Pathway

Is for the aspiring Kadeisha Buchanan or Russell Teibert! It is for the player who has the potential, motivation and aspirations to play at the highest levels of the game in Ontario, Canada or overseas. The Talented pathway will begin at the Ontario Player Development League (OPDL), an exciting new high-performance league introduced in 2014. The OPDL requires players ensure soccer is their main focus where they will train 3-4 times per week and play once per week for a 28-week period with the appropriate support and periodization. Players will undergo ongoing monitoring and development as they are identified for Regional Talent Centres, Provincial Projects and CSA National Programs. Player movement between OPDL organizations and competitive clubs in regional leagues is expected as players progress and develop at different rates.