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OSA Governing Documents

The OSA's Governing Documents pertain to the "administration of the game" in Ontario. 

The Ontario Soccer Association (OSA) and all organizations affiliated with the OSA including, but not limited to, District Associations, Leagues, Clubs, Associate Members, OSA-Recognized Non-Club Academies (ORNCA) and all OSA Registrants are governed by, and subject to, where applicable, the following OSA Governing Documents:

      • OSA Bylaws: 
        The OSA By-Laws provide the structure and framework for the governance of the OSA.  The By-Laws are approved by the Member Organizations of the OSA.

      • OSA Policies: 
        An OSA Policy is a position adopted by the Board of Directors that directs a definitive course of action for the organization to enhance consistent decision making throughout the organization. OSA Policies shall be developed and approved by the Board of Directors.

      • OSA Operational-Procedures: 
        The OSA Operational Procedures are the specific methods or processes used to implement the policies of the organization in the day-to-day operations of the organization.  OSA Operational Procedures shall be developed by Staff and is approved by the Executive Director.  When required, the development and approval of some Operational Procedures may be delegated to other groups (other than staff) 

      • Governing Documents of FIFA and CSA: The Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) is the International Sport Governing Body and the Canadian Soccer Association (CSA) is the National Sport Governing Body in Canada.