Referee FAQs

1. How do I get game assignments?

The match officials log into their ref centre account. They will see games that are available at their level. The official can select 4 referee and 4 assistant referee games per month.

2. Can I do more that my allotment for the month?

Yes but you can only pick 4 referee and 4 assistant referee assignments yourself. As the YRSA did last year, the assignor will send out emails looking for game officials for games that need to be filled. Ref centre also will send out offers to referees according to their availability for game assignments which the referee may accept or decline.

3. Do I have to accept an offer of a game assignment?

No. But match officials need to keep their availability current on ref centre. Consistently declining game offers may remove that official from receiving further offers from the YRSA.

4. If I have a game assignment and cannot make it, can I give my assignment to another referee?

No. If you cannot make your game assignment due to an emergency or unforeseen circumstance, the match official is to call the YRSA and the YRSA will find a replacement.

5. Why can’t the teams shake hands after the game?

The YRSA is implementing pregame ceremonies for all games involved in York Region. The teams will line up in front of their benches standing on the touch line with the match officials between them. The managers will check player’s books; the team officials will then do a player’s equipment check. The teams will then shake hands, with one team coming across to shake everyone’s hands and then the other team will shake the match official’s hands. The captain from each team will stay and the coin toss will be done at this point. There will be no formal handshake after the game. If the players/coaches want to mingle and talk or congratulate each other, that is fine. Most discipline issues occur after an emotional game. We are following the model of all professional leagues.

6. What if the teams refuse to line up for pregame ceremonies?

All teams/clubs have been told this is being implemented. If one or both teams refuse to follow this procedure, a special incident report must be submitted to the YRSA. The team(s) will be brought to discipline. The game is still to be played. Referees are required to report this non‐compliance to the YRSA and NOT abandon the game.

7. Can I take a picture of the game sheet and email it to the league?

Yes but only for the YRSL. Match officials may do any of the following for YRSL games only”
The game sheets are then to be sent to YRSLGAMESHEETS@YRSA.CA
All other leagues including OPDL, OSL, CSL, CGSL, SAAC; these games sheets must be mailed in with any sanctions to the appropriate league.

8. What is the difference between being mentored and being assessed?

Mentoring is for a youth or inexperienced referee that will have an experienced official (mentor) arrive at this referee’s game. The mentor will give the referee tips, coach him/her and exchange ideas with the inexperienced referee. The goal is to help the referee learn and improve his/her referee abilities. Assessment is a more formal process with the match official. A referee will ask for an assessment with the goal being to move up a level on ref centre; ie. If a referee is a level 5 and wants to become a level 6, he/she will request an assessment. The assessor will arrive at the referee’s game and assess the referee during his match. If the referee receives a favourable assessment, the referee will be re‐graded to a higher level. Mentoring and assessments are a free service provided
to all York Region Referees and all referees should take advantage of this service.

9. Can I arrive to my game assignment in my school clothes?

The YRSA has implemented a dress code for the 2015 (and beyod) season(s). The following is acceptable clothing when arriving for your game assignments;
So if your school or business outfits complies to any of the any, then the answer is yes.

10. I am interested in entering the Regional Upgrade Program. What do I do?

The Regional Upgrade Program is run by Ontario Soccer. Details of requirements are available on the Ontario Soccer site. From a YRSA perspective, the interested referee is encouraged to contact the DRC to express his/her interest in upgrading. The Referee Development Committee will then work with the referee to prepare for the Regional Program through game appointments and assessments.