YRSA Scholarship Program - 2022


Scholarship Application Guidelines

1) Scholarships will be awarded to the most qualified applicants.
2) Each scholarship will not exceed One Thousand & Five Hundred Dollars ($1,500).

1) A student who will graduate from Grade 12 (or equivalent) during the current year.
2) A student who has been accepted and is confirmed for full time studies at an accredited Canadian post-secondary institution commencing that fall.
3) A candidate that is registered to a current YRSA club team.
4) A candidate that was registered to a YRSA club team in the previous summer season.
5) A candidate that has completed community service work with their respective Clubs/Districts or Leagues (reference letter required).
6) Submission deadline is June 30th of each season.
7) All submissions must be post-marked by the deadline date and must be submitted with ALL relevant documentation to the District Office by regular mail.
8) A selection committee as appointed by the Board of Directors will review all eligible applications and will choose one male and one female recipient.
9) The names of the selected recipients will be posted on the YRSA website in August.

Scholarships awarded will be paid by cheque, in the amount of One Thousand, Five Hundred Dollars ($1,500) and will be presented to the chosen recipients in August.