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Tobacco-Free Policy


The York Region Soccer Association is committed to providing a healthy environment for participants, volunteers and spectators involved with our organization. We recognize that there is significant evidence demonstrating the negative health impacts of tobacco use and exposure (including second-hand smoke from the use of tobacco indoors and exposure to drifting smoke outdoors) and that no level of tobacco exposure is safe. We also recognize that children and youth gain positive images of tobacco use when they see role-models, leaders and individuals that they respect using tobacco.


We believe that soccer is a sport that promotes physical activity and healthy living. Players, coaches and volunteers involved in our district have a responsibility to model positive health behaviour with regard to tobacco use.


Activities including but not limited to games, tournaments, competitions, practices, training sessions, events (e.g. fundraising) and other performances hosted by our organization will be tobacco-free Definition: Tobacco-free means that the use of tobacco in any and all forms by players/participants, coaches/leaders, parents/caregivers, spectators and officials is prohibited during all activities hosted by our organization.


The York Region Soccer Association tobacco-free policy will apply to all activities including, but not limited to games, tournaments, competitions, practices, training sessions, events (e.g. fundraising) and other performances hosted by our organization. Locations for each of these activities will vary, however our policy will apply to all locations while the York Region Soccer Association hosted activity is ongoing.


We will promote the tobacco-free policy at all our activities by:

  • providing a copy of the policy and explaining it to coaching staff. Coaching staff will explain the policy to parents/caregivers.
  • Reviewing and sharing the policy with other organizations/groups who may attend or participate in our activities.
  • Including the policy in all orientation and information packages provided to coaches, officials, players, members, volunteers and teams/organizations attending or participating in our activities and/or using our facilities.
  • Making the policy visible throughout the year using various channels/opportunities including information on our website, banners/signage at events and encouraging coaches and all players to promote a tobacco-free lifestyle.


We will enforce the tobacco-free policy to ensure that all those attending and participating in the York Region Soccer Association's activities have access to a tobacco-free environment.

We will use the following steps to enforce our policy:

  1. Post signs about our policy where our activities take place, using signs, banners and include in information materials available at the activity.
  2. Encourage our coaches, players/members, officials and volunteers to respectfully remind individuals using tobacco at the York Region Soccer Association activities about the tobacco-free policy.
  3. Provide one verbal warning to individuals who repeatedly do not follow the policy. Verbal warnings will be delivered by an official representative of the York Region Soccer Association including members of the executive, referees, team coaches or managers. The York Region Soccer Association representative will inform the York Region Soccer Association about the verbal warning including the date, location and name of the individual who was warned. If policy is contradicted on a regular basis, a confirmation of expectations will be sent to the Club to support this policy.


The policy will be reviewed by the York Region Soccer Association board of directors as and when deemed appropriate to do so.