YRSA Matrix Pilot 2018/19

What is the YRSA Matrix Pilot About ?

Player Development is the key component of youth soccer. Having researched LTPD (Wellness to World Cup vol 1), including the Canada Soccer Pathway Community Guide and the Coach Tool Kits for the Fundamentals and Learn to Train stages, we find that our standards don’t consistently align with Canada Soccer guidelines.  After consultation with our member clubs, and receiving approval from Ontario Soccer, the YRSA will be implementing a pilot beginning with the outdoor 2018 season. 

The pilot will be based on a modified playing matrix for U7 to U12 players that will take into consideration the developmental differences between players of the same age that can correlate to +- 2 years of chronological age.  Player development is not linear, that is why stage development is far more important than the chronological age of the player.  Thus, our initiative to allow player movement up or down within those age categories (7/8, 9/10, 11/12) is the more significant change in this pilot, in order to start addressing this issue.  The development matrix will be more flexible in some areas, however it will keep the core standards intact.

Staff of the YRSA will monitor team roster reports, game sheets, and complaints, and then investigate if an abuse is suspected. In the event that a Club is found to have abused the matrix, using it for reasons other than player development, that Club will be denied special dispensation to participate in the pilot, and will revert to using the Ontario Soccer published matrix.  

The pilot will be measured and evaluated through the fall of 2018 and spring of 2019, with adjustments made to the matrix for outdoor 2019.

The final measuring and evaluating will be done in fall 2019 and spring 2020.  All results will be shared with Ontario Soccer.

*Game ball - Clubs will NOT be required to use DerbyStar balls in 2019. While we feel they are the best lite ball out there, as long as Clubs are using balls with the same specs.

Size 5 ‘Light’ - weighs approximately 350 - 370 grams and Circumference 68-69cm and is recommended for the age-groups U10 to U12.
Size 4 ‘S-light’ - weighs approximately 290 - 310 grams and Circumference 65-66 and is recommended for the age-groups U6 to U9.

DERBYSTAR soccer balls are made with polyurethane (PU) materials do not use PVC. When compared to a PVC ball it delivers smooth, accurate play. Stable orbit, bound is accurate. PU ball will last longer than the PVC balls and that is very important for the Clubs. PVC is not used because it feels like plastic, becomes hard at lower temperatures, is not flexible and requires more force to kick the ball.


YRSA Matrix Pilot 2018/19 (PDF)